Googly Eyed for Better News

13 May

Following up on my media post from yesterday, here is James Fallows from one of my favorite magazines, The Atlantic, writing a nice long form piece on Google’s attempt to help resurrect the news industry after its impending death by a thousand cuts. Fallows asks the leader of the Google News effort what he’s learned from being at the center of so much news aggregation.  His response?

“what astonished him was the predictable and pack-like response of most of the world’s news outlets to most stories. Or, more positively, how much opportunity he saw for anyone who was willing to try a different approach.”

I’m in the process of trying to figure out what that different approach is, and exactly how grassroots communities and organizations I’m a part of (like the Church)  could play a role in changing the stories we tell and how we tell them.

What do you think a better approach to news would look like, sound like, read like?

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