Up and Coming?

13 May

Has anyone heard about this? They were profiled in today’s New York Times.  What do you think about Diaspora and the potential rivals to Facebook in social networking? 

One Response to “Up and Coming?”

  1. Spong May 13, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    i doubt that such a project will find the widespread success to be considered a competitor/rival to facebook. here are some reasons:

    1. it’s open source. any open source project is subject to the support of the community behind it. and with any community, there is a niche market or clique, to how it’s used. i remember seeing/using so many open source content management systems (CMS) back in the late 90s early 2000s. all of them had niche tech communities and were solid pieces of web software. although they are still around today, they never gained widespread popularity. they still serve mostly the tech communities. look at ubuntu linux, wordpress, and pidgin. all open source, but by no means are the average folks out there using such software.

    2. it’s distributed. the web is distributed and it’s a big ugly mess. i’m not sure what they mean by owning your own node, and further by securing your own data. but i highly doubt that the data will be residing on your machine. it’s still going to sit somewhere, physically. and that data will surely need to be backed up somewhere, on yet some other device/hardware etc. sure it may be encrypted, but i fail to see how they will fund such huge amounts of data/information. maybe via some kind of subscription fee by user? but then again, do people really even care? how many people hand their credit/debit card to waiters, servers, and clerks without thinking twice as to if their information was possibly compromised or not? how about tossing your unwanted mail? was it shredded to ensure no one could possibly steal your information?

    i’m not saying it’s a bad idea. i just don’t believe they will find a strong community to use or fund their business for the long term.

    and last but certainly not least: the gen y generation doesn’t care about privacy! if anything, they already over-share and too much information is out there.

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