What’s Wrong with this Reporting?

4 Jun

Where to begin with these perennial exercises in “race analysis” by those studious chaps at the New York Times.  No wonder MSM is clueless about its own demise.  I’d rather just get fed needless gossip from TMZ than this mish mash of data passing for reporting.  Here are a few problems I caught, how about you?

  1.  Why is the first premise of this article about the fact that black woman cannot find men to marry?  Does the data indicate this is what the black women identified truly want?  And what gives the reporter the right to classify the situation as the cause or problem of black men who do not end up marrying black women?  Editorializing par extraordinare!
  2. It’s only halfway through the article when you actually get to the implications of the data cited beyond black women.
  3. The concerns about how the census will calculate race/ethnicity plays into the concerns of current racial politics, but there is no analysis of how that politic will give way to something new.  I’m not saying what comes after will be some panacea, just that people will calculate their interest in new ways.  Where is the reporting on that?

One last point, I bet pulling up a Lexis-Nexis search would reveal about at least 4 articles published every year in major newspapers or television broadcasts have essentially the same stock headline and analysis done over and over again with the same kind of data.  Call this journalistic filler if you like, but I do not call it Journalism.

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