From dust to dust…

10 Mar

Today marks the beginning of the lent season for Christians. I journey through this season as a time of deep reflection of my life. This lent, I’ve decided to take on something- I want to be more intentional about connecting my spirituality to my everyday work and the world I experience around me; to celebrate the things that give life and mourn the things that take life unjustly.  I want to spend time carefully reflecting the gift of life that God has given me with its ups and downs and learn many lessons that I can write down and learn from over and over again. 

And in my attempt to do so, I will try once again, blogging, with my reflections.

Today, as the first of lent, I reflected on grace. In traditional services, you get ashes rubbed on your forehead and told ‘You are dust and to dust you will return’.  This reminds us that we are creatures and our lives are given to us.  This is a solemn reminder of grace, that our lives are gifts extended to us.  I thought about how if we lived with a deep understanding and appreciate for this grace, taking to another life cannot be a part of our life.   In light of this reflection, I celebrate with many others in Illinois today the signing of a bill that bans the death penalty in our state.   

In a world where fighting for justice to preserve life and fighting to better life is a daily struggle, this comes as a wonderful glimmer of hope that shows us what the possibilities are if we focused on preserving life. We must fight for fairness and fight against the wrong that is done to people. But taking a life will not right that wrong.  I am glad that I get to start this lent season reflecting on the hope of preserving life.

And reflecting on my own life’s preservation I think about what are the things I do day to day that makes my life worth more than just dust.  I am challenged to focus on things in my life that will remain long after I have returned to dust.

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