13 Mar

During this time of lent many of us are focused on desire. Whether it is fasting and giving up physical desires for spiritual desires, or starting new things that will help satisfy our spiritual desire, we are focused on desire.

I think human desire is a very strong thing. We look at our world in turmoil around us- Muammar Gaddafi’s strong desire to stay in power up against the desires of the people of Libya for democracy.  We just witnesses a few weeks ago, what the desire for democracy by Egyptians and Tunisians accomplished.

After a horrific earthquake, you see people around the globe and their desire to help Japan in their recovery.

I reflected on how strong this thing called desire is and where it has taken me through life. Some times following my desire led me to bad places and other times to good places.  I think as followers of Christ we hope to follow the desires God has placed in our hearts.  Sometimes this takes so quietening of our souls. With the world around us luring us to desire things of the world, we need to create space to desire God.

And as I think of re-centering myself to desire God more than anything, I am reminded of what the Psalmist wrote:

As the deer pants for streams water, my soul pants for you.

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