being faithful

16 Mar

Today I got a chance to speak to a group of IV students who are on their spring break in Chicago participating in Chicago Urban Program.

I talked about living our lives as Christians for justice and mercy in a way that is faithful to God. I think sometimes we get caught up in the impact of what we do (or lack of impact) rather than focusing on being faithful what God has placed on our hearts.

This obviously doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about any accountability or any impact but I think we should be driven by our faith, not by a desire to change the world. Changing the world should be a result of our faith, not the motivation. When we focus on impact rather than faith, we begin to compare what we do with others and begin to put value on the many and diverse needs of our world.  How can anyone say that an AIDS orphan is less valuable than

As I reflect on Christ’s ministry I am encouraged that he lived a life of faithfulness rather than living a life to make a name for himself. The incarnate story of our Jesus Christ cannot be a stronger example of a life that care about being faithful more than having a broad impact.

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