20 Mar

Today I got to talk to a dear friend of mine from high school who I don’t get to talk to often.  It is amazing that even with technology at our disposal we don’t talk as much. so I got chat with her via skype as the sun was rising behind her through the window in Melbourne and the sun was setting outside my window here in Chicago.

After a wonderful conversation I was able to reflect briefly about what a blessed life I have lived so far living in and meeting so many people from all over the globe! The saying “I am not the same now that I have seen the moon on the other side of the world” is so true.

I see lent as a time to reflect on the experiences that were like seeing the moon on the other side of the world.  I think I get so caught up in the mundane daily routines that I often forget the glimpses of God’s glory I get to see from time to time. OR even miss the glimpse that I could’ve seen that day because I’m focused on the mundane.

Sometimes going about my daily routines and sometimes feeling like I”m in a hamster’s wheel, I forget about my wonderful friendships with people scattered across the globe and forget the vast and unique experiences I have had the blessings to live. A conversation with my friend in Melbourne brought back those memories.

My challenges is to find things in my daily routine that will trigger the memory of my vast and unique experiences with God. It’s not about a spiritual high every day but seeking the faithful God in my life each day.  Sometimes when I do that, I do see how God has brought things to fruition, and I do believe I witness God’s plans to prosper me and not to harm me comes true as promised to us through the prophet Jeremiah.

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