the waiting

21 Apr

This has been a long lentent reflection in the making- mostly, I have to admit because I just haven’t had time to write but also because this has been on my mind for the last week or so.

Last Sunday in church I struggled through the service because I couldn’t get myself to be in the moment and celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem because I knew what was coming. As we walked around the santuary waving our palm leaves that were dry because they were probably imported from Florida or somewhere like that, I couldn’t help but think, “I can’t celebrate right now, I knwo what happens in 5 days!” And through the whole service I struggled with this contradiction that I felt of the great mourning that was to come yet we were celebrating. I found myself waiting for Good Friday, and being defined by Good Friday. 

The truth is we live in a world that feels much like Good Friday without Easter a lot of times.  There is so much death, so much hopelessness and waiting for a better tomorrow without knowing what that is in our world.  But with the knowledge that Good Friday is coming and that death happens, we must be able to celebrate the goodness, the triumph of good over evil, how small or big that may be.

As we walked around our sanctuary for the second time and kept singing  “Come all ye people, come and praise your Maker” I realized that that alone was enough reason to celebrate. Whether Good Friday, with all its deepest sorrows and fears, was coming or not.

Sometimes I can be quite the “Debbie Downer” (as my family members like to remind me) because I see the “Good Friday” side of  life which sometimes overshadows the joyful, triumphant side of life. And I realized, as I walked around the santuary waiving my brittle, dry palm leaf that it’s in the faith, its in the believing that the joyous entry of Jesus will someday triumph over all things that make this world a place of death, fear and sorrow.

We are called a people of faith because of this. We have hope because we have the promise that Palm Sunday happens even if there is going to be a Good Friday, no doubt.

So even as we wait, we wait in hope, not in fear.


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