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Up and Coming?

13 May

Has anyone heard about this? They were profiled in today’s New York Times.  What do you think about Diaspora and the potential rivals to Facebook in social networking? 


Ft Hood…

6 Nov

Yes, it seems very cliché to respond/write about news items. But this brought back some memories… First, of let’s all remember to pray for the community in Ft. Hood and family members of those who have been killed and wounded. It is a horrific, tragic event that hurt and killed innocent people.

Having said that, Joe has been sitting in our living room the last few hours reading various blog post and comments about the tragic event. We cannot believe how reactionary people are, and how fear driven our society still is.  Yes, it’s a tragedy, let’s not forget, but let’s not jump to conclusions about Muslims and Arabs etc.  I think it’s unfortunately that various Muslim communities and Imams feel the need to speak publicly and condemn the event. I think all religious leaders should condemn the event, but I think the fact that so many Muslim leaders are publicly condemning the event says something- they feel like they have to- they don’t respond when there are other random, tragic shootings but because the shooter has an Arab name- they HAVE to respond, least they be accused of being one of “them”.

There were blog comments that alluded to sending “these” people to concentration camps etc. That took me back to right after September 11, 2001 where on my college campus I overheard a conversation… “We should’ve just killed off all the Arabs- this wouldn’t have happened- hey we should still just get rid of them.” Serious or not, I wasn’t about to ask. But that was one moment when I realized how ignorant people were. Well, mostly white people.

You see, the privilege of being white in this country is that when you are white, you’re not just a white person. You are your own person. You are an individual. You never hear white people talk about “oh those white people” (well most white people don’t say that), while it’s more common to say “oh those Asians” or “oh those Arabs” “oh those Blacks” or “oh those____”. 

This incident reminded me, and I wanted to share with you all- that, when a tragedy happens, it’s not “oh those ____ people”.  Sometimes it’s an individual with some serious issues, and let me remind you, they come in all colors- lots of white ones too.  Some times it’s a group of people lead to believe lies, believe in false illusions- that’s not just the Muslim extremist. There are other religious extremist that do the same.

So, I just wanted to drop a note and say, let’s pray for folks who are affected by the tragedy, let’s not be so quick to jump to conclusions about committing genocides or locking away a whole race of people when such unfortunate events occur.